10 x Reasons to be on time at your hairsalon

Arriving late at the hair salon is not a good idea. Why it is crucial to arrive on time at the hair salon we explain to you here. It is in both our interests to be able to serve you as well as possible. The following is based on real experiences from our lovely customers and hair stylists. If you want to be beautiful, better be on time!

You have scheduled an appointment at your hairdresser for a Balayage with Baby Lights and you are about to leave home. Exactly when your cat decides to pie on your new iPhone. This means you can no longer order an Uber so you decide to take the bus. Due to a new roadblock, the bus drives a completely different route. Instead of arriving at D01salon you are stranded in the middle of nowhere.  After a complete detour, you will eventually arrive 40 minutes late at your appointment. But fortunately you have made it and in a few hours, you will be feeling great again because your hair is beautiful …

True Stories ……

Your hairdresser is already looking surprised at the moment you walk in … An appointment at 11 am? It is now 11.40! “I don’t think we have time to treat you anymore,”  says your favorite hairdresser slightly bitchy.  “But I can wait … I am off the whole day, you mutter shamefully. You can not send me away because I have a date tonight, I have children and a busy job. Planning this appointment was almost impossible cause I have a very tight schedule. Motivated by fear of being sent home without a new cut and color you shout the following: “It would be really bad for your rating because if you do not help me I write a bad review”.  And I’m going on holiday next week and you cannot expect me to enjoy on the beach with this hair. “ Droopy eyes, almost crying, everything to just get your hair done!

These kinds of excuses are all based on real events that occurred in our salon. We also find it very annoying when you are late. Do you know why?

10 x Reasons to be on time at your hair salon.

1. We work with a schedule so we have time for you. The moment you are late, this is not so much at the expense of your hair but of the person who comes after you. Because we do not have enough time for that. How would you feel if we have to rush your hair because the client before you were late? NOT OK right?

2. If you are late, there is a lot of pressure on your hairdresser to color and style you in time. For best results, your hairdresser must be relaxed so that he can perform the best.

3. If your hairdresser is traveling 2.5 hours because he lives on the other side of the country and can be on time. He will be at least not amused if you are late while you live thirty minutes away. It is never a good idea to make your hairdresser pissed off. After all, he or she must turn your hair into a work of art.

4. In the unlikely event that you arrive late, your hairdresser will be happy to hear something from it. So pick up your phone when he or she calls you or even better take the initiative and phone them YOURSELF.

5. If your hairdresser does decide to treat you, there may be a chance that he will put a green color shine on your hair instead of the A silver toner. Never rush your hairstylist!

6. With 40 lousy excuses, you do not grow sympathy with the person who decides whether you will look like Beyonce or like a crack**** for the next 12 weeks.

7. Treat each other with respect. Respect is mutual and you often get what you give so. Be kind and understanding then so are we! We will treat you, just as lousy as you treat us;).

8. Do not get that one coffee to go …. People who are late often walk in with a cup of freshly brewed Starbucks. If you’d skip that one coffee, it would have saved you 10 minutes. And believe me, we also serve great coffee. And if you can only deal with a caffeine-free latte with soy milk? Then you can better skip that so you arrive on time. We only serve real coffee.

9. If you really make a mess and arrive late on numerous occasions you will end up on a blacklist and restricted from our salon.

10. As a hairstylist, you have a margin of 20% and often an average of five customers per day. Missing a customer means that your hairdresser literally works for nothing that day.

The customer is king…..

Of course, we really do understand the setbacks (on the way to the salon) in life. So if you let us know when you can’t make it on time, we will take this into account. And if you have a good reason, we will do everything we can to help you. We have decided that another customer of us should not be the victim of what goes wrong in your life. So if we can’t reschedule, we, unfortunately, have to send you home. And that is the best for everyone. Then you have time to order a new iPhone and clean the cat pee.