Extreme hair trends spotted at Paris Couture Week

The best fashion with accompanying beauty and hair looks are spotted during the Couture Week in Paris. This is when the serious fashion labels of the world show their one-of-a-kind creations. Couture Week Paris is where IT happens! And of course, we follow, as a hair salon of a certain standard should, the Couture Week in Paris. We are happy to share the best, most beautiful and most extreme hair trends spotted by us during Paris Couture Week.

Chanel, Maison Valentino, and Dior let their most amazing fashion creations come to life on the catwalk during Paris Couture Week. Only one is made of each piece and these collections will then inspire the ones that can be found in the store. To strengthen their Couture they often create the most extreme beauty and hair trends. We feel obliged to share this magic with you guys. View the highlights and the most extreme hair trends spotted during the Paris Couture Week below. Be inspired for next fall, or for now, then you certainly belong to the trendsetters next season!

Rockabilly @ CHANEL Paris Couture Week


Extreme big hair @ MAISON VALENTINO





Pixie Cut @ Dior