This is how your hair grows faster than ever!

Don’t we all want our hair to grow faster? Maybe you’re done with your short haircut or fancy Kardashian-like long locks down to the buttocks, mermaid hair or let your bangs grow. With these tips, you can grow your hair up to three times faster.

Your hair grows in principle only 0.3 mm per day, which comes down to about one centimeter per month. Not enough if you are impatient. If you dream of a new coupe, you want it now and not in a few months. Patience is, unfortunately, something you cant do without when growing your hair but … It can be done faster, much faster. Read it!

TIP 1: Hair oil
Massage your scalp and roots with a hair oil (such as …).  Hair oil takes excellent care of your roots and scalp but it also stimulates hair growth. For example, use the oil before bedtime and wash it out the next morning. The Kardashians swear by it.


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TIP 2: Wasabi
Yes, the spicy green stuff you get with sushi comes from the wasabi root. This root in pure form, not from a tube, according to Japanese scientists ensures that your hair grows up to three times faster. The carrot is hard to grow and is therefore pretty expensive.

TIP 3: Scissors
Although it sounds contradict, regular cutting your ends increases healthy growth of yours. If not, your hair can split up to 10 cm, if that happens the only way to save your hair is cutting off a huge end. Healthy ends, healthy hair!

photo: wasabi root 

TIP 4: No shampoo
Do not wash your hair every time you shower. Preferably don’t even wet your hair every day. If hair is wet, it is more porous, so it breaks down easily. If you wet your hair, try to treat it with a conditioner, for example, and the only the ends.  Do not always use shampoo!

TIP 5: Coldwater
Rinse your hair with cold water after washing. Cold water closes the hair scales so your hair is slightly less sensitive to heat afterward. A few seconds under the cold tap is sufficient for optimal effect.

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