This is how you create perfect beach hair!

It feels like summer, it is such nice weather lately! So we go to the beach en masse. Sand on your body and in your hair. The oceans saltiness makes sure that your hair will look full and sexy. But how do you keep this look? This is how you create the perfect beach hair!

Don’t you think your hair looks best after a day at the beach? Of course, a wonderful day at the beach does wonders for your mood, it also works wonders for your hair. Your hair looks fuller and for both men and women, beach hair gives you a sexy look. So how do you create this sexy beach hair look at home?
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To easily create a beach hair look at home you can use all kinds of great products that mimic the sea salt effect of the beach. One of our favorite products is the hair care line from Redken called Beach Envy. This consists of a shampoo, conditioner and volume texturizer that makes your hair very happy, beachy happy!

Another tip for creating beach hair is braiding your hair before going to sleep. Braids naturally create wavy hair. After this, you can treat your hair with a texturizer such as Redken Fashion Waves or Redken Wind Blown.


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