You could characterize Leonardo as someone who stands out from the crowd. He knows his color palette, because he has dyed his hair almost every color there is. Right now he is doing an internship at D01 Salon, so he can show what he can do - and then really get started. He follows some other hairdressers from the modeling world and draws inspiration from editorials, preferably a bit more altnernative, wilder and crazier. Leonardo is happy when he can put his creativity into his work and when the customer is  satisfied.


“Life is more beautiful when you meet the right hairdresser.”

Lynnette is our newest hairdresser in the salons. With years of experience in the hairdressing profession, Lynnette is specialized in cutting men. Lynnette works and both salons, Haarlemmerdijk and Tweede Nassaustraat. Easily and quickly make an online appointment to be helped by Lynnette.

Lynette: "I’m a barber coming from a hairdressing background with 10 years experience. I learnt the trade in Manchester, developed my skills in Melbourne, now I’m perfecting them in Amsterdam. I love building strong connections with my clients and helping them express their personalities through their appearance."


Since last September, Nicole has been busy with hairdressing for 23 years! So she certainly has experience. For the most part she worked at large salons throughout the Netherlands.Her specialties in hairdressing are color corrections and natural foils/balayage. She is also good at putting all kinds of extension, keratin treatments and cutting curls in dry hair. But Nicole’s greatest passion is real color, ‘It really makes me happy’.Nicole’s ultimate goal is to treat the hair as gentle as possible for the best quality hair. This includes good care, also at home it is very important to take good care of your hair. Nicole herself prefers to use OlaPlex which she can’t live without. She also believes that vegan products are the best to take care of your hair.


“My specialty is to create something amazing! That’s what I do for every customer. Whether it is an edgy haircut or a jaw dropping hair color.”

My heart beats faster when I see old-school hair and work from other hairstylists around the world. But what I love most is coloring! I find my inspiration in fashion, new make-up styles and nature. By combining these influences and my creativity, I’ll make sure you have the best hair ever!

What makes me happy is when I give all my customers a great feeling with their new hair! I love to inspire people with what I do. After work I’ll be on the couch having a ‘Netflix & chill’ evening with my friends, or a night out dancing!

My specialty is to create something amazing! That’s what I do for every customer. Whether it is an edgy haircut or a jaw dropping hair color. During our consultation we will find out together how we can transform your hair into something you always wanted. You’ll learn how to create this look at home and how you can keep your hair healthy and beautiful with products that suit you! This means that when you leave the salon, we’ve made your ultimate hair dream come true!


“What you think, you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you create!”


Marieke is one of our super experienced hair stylists, she has more than 18 years experience in the hairdressing profession. She is a senior hairstylist and can currently be found in our branch at the Tweede Nassaukade in Amsterdam.

Curly hair
If you have curly hair she is absolutely the one you should book an appointment with. Cutting curly hair is not simple, but working with curly hair is one of Marieke’s specializations.

A true Beauty Allrounder
On the days that Marieke is not in our salon, she works for her own company in the East of Holland. There she runs her own salon and works closely with a skin specialist and a cosmetic doctor. So you can say that Marieke is a real beauty all-rounder. We are therefore super blessed that she also regularly shares her expertise with us in the salon in Amsterdam.

Marieke is also a very skilled color specialist. You can contact her for various color techniques including a Balayage or Baby Lights treatment. A beautiful up-do or bridal hairstyle is also really spent on her.

You can book an appointment with Marieke here.

Cutting Curls, Coloring, Cutting, Balayage, Bridal Hair, Highlights, Baby Lights, Keratine, Styling, Blow-Out, Hair Styling, Up-do, Women’s Hair, Men’s Hair.


"Long and healthy hair, that’s what we aim for!"

Long Hair don’t care!
We all know how much time it takes to grow a nice and pretty long hairdo. Maintenance is all it takes. To keep long hair healthy looking, it takes a hair treatment by a good hairdresser every six weeks. Hair grows faster if you regularly cut the edges. When hair gets dull, give it a color shine. An Olaplex treatment or create depth and fullness by booking a free hand Balayage. Which is one of Liza specialties? Liza is a miracle worker with women’s hair and will consult you for the best result possible. She makes you and your hair shine!!

Women’s hair, long hair, freehand balayage, high lights, baby-lights, color shine, hair styling, ombre, maintaining healthy hair, color specialist.


"Treat your hair like royalty.It’s the crown you never take off."

Say hi to our new junior stylist Precious! She is still in school and is learning the ins and outs of the hairdressing profession at D01 Salon. Right now she can style and blow dry, but in the future she would like to learn how to create a beautiful balayage and amazing highlights. She has come to the right place to learn that!

She gets her inspiration from watching Youtube videos. She likes to watch transformation videos best, because it’s about making someone beautiful. Precious also has a love for makeup and likes to watch Nikkie Tutorials and James Charles.

She still needs to practice and learn a lot, but is ambitious about her dreams in the beauty industry. Eventually she would like to open her own hair salon and beauty bar.


“My goal is to create the best possible version of you!”

Say hello to Rick. He will be cutting and coloring at our salon at the Tweede Nassaustraat and at our salon on the Haarlemmerdijk. Rick has finished his training at B Academy in Amsterdam and has over 9 years of salon experience. He is functioning as an all-round hairstylist.

Trend Seeker
Rick is a real trend seeker, he is always in search of new trends. Sourcing the newest trends on different media channels such as Youtube, Fashion and trade magazines and even the catwalk. Limitless Shades Rick is really fond of creative coloring. There are no limitations to shades or foils! Nevertheless, he also loves to do a beautiful classic coupe or effortless looking beach hair. Everybody deserves shiny and healthy hair and Rick is going to help you with that!

Women’s hair, men’s hair, coloring, high-lights, low lights, baby lights, balayage, beach hair, Christmas shopping pro and hair extensions.


“If you don’t look good we don’t look good.”

Dennis Rombout has an innate talent and passion for hairdressing. His career got a jumpstart in 2007-2008 with the opening of his own hair salon and three short years later in he was nominated for multiple highly acclaimed Coiffure Awards in Holland.
Making his way up in the hairstyling industry, Dennis found himself on the sets of photo shoots for major magazines and trade journals, where he was responsible for the hair styling and make-up of a variety of cover and editorial models.

A side step to a cosmetic brand allowed Dennis to travel the world, styling hair for shows in places like Moscow, Tai Pei, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Stockholm and Singapore. He has also lead training sessions in hair salons all over the world, teaching stylists how to attain the best colour results and how to make optimal use of their products.

Visiting a variety of new countries allowed Dennis to discover unique beauty secrets that were unknown in the Netherlands. Together, all of this industry knowledge helped him in developing – together with a group of laboratory workers and technicians – a line of shampoo, conditioner, styling products and hair dye for cosmetic brands.

Today, Dennis Rombout has gathered all of this expertise to form a new business – he is owner of D01 salon, Artist for the Matrix artist collective and ambassador for Denman hairbrushes.

Environment friendly and cruelty free

D01 Salon is happy to contribute to a cruelty free, vegan and sustainable environment. We are always looking for the best ways possible to do your hair, but we don’t want any quality compromises. That is why, in our opinion, the vegan option is not always the best option. We believe it is important to contribute to a better environment, which is why we offer vegan / cruelty free / environmentally friendly brands. This way you can make a conscious choice and look amazing!


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