Small boutique salon in Amsterdam

Customer-friendly and working according to the latest trends


D01 Salon has a unique small boutique salon, situated at Westerpark. We believe in taking time for our beloved customers. Only then we will have the opportunity to get that little extra that makes sure that bad hair days belong to the past.

A good haircut or hair colour will only work if they are custom made and fit to the individual. We will do as much as we can to make your dreams come true.

Environment friendly and cruelty free

D01 Salon is happy to contribute to a cruelty free, vegan and sustainable environment. We are always looking for the best ways possible to do your hair, but we don’t want any quality compromises. That is why, in our opinion, the vegan option is not always the best option. We believe it is important to contribute to a better environment, which is why we offer vegan / cruelty free / environmentally friendly brands. This way you can make a conscious choice and look amazing!


Our hairdressers

Meet the crew members of D01 Salon. We are all high trained professionals but we can understand that you might be attracted to somebody specific. Find more information about your favorite hairstylist and see what they like to do best to find yourself the perfect match. If you are doubting who should do your hair give us a ring and we take care that you will find yourself the hairdresser of your dreams.


We are working with Kevin Murphy, Matrix, K18, Serena Key & Olaplex products. Kevin Murphy is renowned for it’s amazing caring range and will make sure that your hair is always in the best condition possible. With Matrix we offer vegan options for clients.

We love to give you advise about what would be the way to maintain your hair type best. The haircolour and styling products are from Matrix an American brand with fantastic results that last forever!

Hair color trends for fall 2020

Herfst haarkleuren 2020

This is why our entire staff is obsessed with Kevin Murphy products

The range of D01 Salon in Amsterdam has been expanded with new haircare: Kevin Murphy.

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D01 Salon is into the extension business

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D01 Salon is looking for two top stylists

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