“If you don’t look good we don’t look good.”

– Dennis Rombout

Dennis Rombout Hairdresser

About me

Dennis Rombout has an innate talent and passion for hairdressing. His career got a jumpstart in 2007-2008 with the opening of his own hair salon and three short years later in he was nominated for multiple highly acclaimed Coiffure Awards in Holland.

Making his way up in the hairstyling industry, Dennis found himself on the sets of photo shoots for major magazines and trade journals, where he was responsible for the hair styling and make-up of a variety of cover and editorial models.

A side step to a cosmetic brand allowed Dennis to travel the world, styling hair for shows in places like Moscow, Tai Pei, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Stockholm and Singapore. He has also lead training sessions in hair salons all over the world, teaching stylists how to attain the best colour results and how to make optimal use of their products.

Visiting a variety of new countries allowed Dennis to discover unique beauty secrets that were unknown in the Netherlands. Together, all of this industry knowledge helped him in developing – together with a group of laboratory workers and technicians – a line of shampoo, conditioner, styling products and hair dye for cosmetic brands.

Today, Dennis Rombout has gathered all of this expertise to form a new business – he is owner of D01 salon, Artist for the Matrix artist collective and ambassador for Denman hairbrushes.

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