Keratin Treatment

All about keratin

All About Keratin Treatments.


Is your hair untameable and are you having troubles every morning getting your hair in the right shape? A Keratin treatment might be everything you dreamed off.


Curly hair, frizz and everything in between can be a struggle. You might be able to blow-dry your hair as desired but a humidity of a bit of rain can ruin your day. Luckily there is a solution. Keratin treatments..


A keratin treatment is very different from a straightening treatment. It works as a smooting treatment but it doesn’t always leave the hair poker straight. Chemical straighteners do make the hair straight but can also damage it and dry your hair. Where a keratin treatment more or less seals the cuticle layer and takes out the frizz.


There are several options when a keratin treatment is applied. You can leave volume and just take out some frizz of go as straight as possible. The options are almost endless.


A treatment will always result in hair that is way easier to style and manage. Blow-drying might still be a necessity for some hair types however the manageability is way easier. You can safe up to 50% off time during a blowdry.


It is important to discuss your expectations to your D01Salon stylist. They will not only apply the right treatment for your hair type but also talk you true the options and possibilities that we have to offer.


Keep in mind that a smoothing system takes time. The average of having a single treatment done is 3 hours. That is excluding a haircut and or color.


If you like to do color & a keratin treatment we highly recommend you to call us in advanced. For highlighted hair it is recommended to color your hair two weeks before or after your keratin service (depending on your desired shade) . But If you like a color shine it is best to do straight after your keratin treatment. Long story short ask your stylist for advise.

We will be happy to tell you all about it.