D01 Salon is into the extension business


D01 Salon brings the extensions from Bellami to Amsterdam. After an intensive training, the D01 Salon team is ready to turn your hair into your ultimate hairgoals! Bellami belongs to the crème de la crème of the extension world and is the largest company in that sector. Apart from that, they are also very well-known among celebs.

D01 Salon is an expert in the field of extensions and uses the hairpieces in such a way that you hardly feel them and it is indistinguishable from your real hair. We have more than forty extensions colors – even balayage and ombre. You could also mix colors to achieve your perfect shade. Extensions do not only have to be for hair elongation; you can also go for extra volume, and even set highlights or lowlights. This is without dyeing your hair. You choose a color that is slightly lighter or darker than your own hair color. With these extensions nobody will see that you wear them. The hair lasts an average of six months, but it depends on how you treat it. If you really pay attention to your hair, you will enjoy it for much longer.

We offer four different ways of extension placement:
• Tape-In
• Keratin Tip
• I-Tips
• Sew-In

Because of the many ways of extension placement, it is specifically focused on your hair type, thickness and structure. This gives the most natural result. No more extension horrostories!

Visit the salon for a conversation where we go through the options and make your dream hair a reality!

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