Two weeks of not washing your hair! This is what happens

The internet is full of it, tips about not washing your hair. How often should you rinse it and how to rinse your hair best. But what happens if you do not wash your hair at all? Is it better for the hair or not? And what effect does the ‘do not wash trend’ has on the condition of your hair?
(photo: try living with lucy)

The one swears by it, not too often washing your hair is better for your hair and scalp. The other thinks that frequent washing is the only option. And should you wash with shampoo or only with conditioner. A super popular way of washing the hair at the moment is called C0-Washing which stands for washing with conditioner. And then we still have dry shampoo. So many options, so many questions. What is the best now?

We’ve spotted this hilarious but also an informative video about this subject, to wash or not to wash at Refinery29. Vlogger and lifestyle editor Lucie from ‘Try Living with Lucie’ participated in an experiment. Do not wash your hair for two weeks. Watch this video here and learn all about not washing your hair.