Do you like sports and can we find you often in the gym? Then you will probably struggle with the following problems. How do you keep your hair fresh after an hour of fanatic exercise and which hairstyles are best to visit the gym? We have 5 gym hair hacks that you might find useful!

Jumping rope or following a spinning class with loose hair is a no go. Your hair flies in all directions and that will distract you plus it’s annoying. After an hour of sweating in your favorite gym class, you produce more sebum on the scalp, so your hair gets greasier and dirtier fast. Washing your hair each time is not an option either. Not healthy for your hair and time-consuming. No stress we have the solution to let your hair survive the gym. With these hair hacks, you can work-out without too much hassle or after hair-care

1.More elastic bands
Are you going to have an intense hour of fitness? Wear your hair in a high ponytail. Instead of one elastic band, use three in a row. This allows increasing the distance between your hair and head so it does not stick to sweaty neck and back.

2. Dry shampoo before exercise
Use dry shampoo before sports. The dry shampoo will absorb too much sebum and sweat, leaving your hair still fresh after exercise.

3. Ballet Bun
One of the most comfortable hairstyles for fitness is this one. Tie your hair up in a ponytail on top of your head.  Turn your hair around the elastic band and secure it with bobby pins. Your hair stays in place and it also looks nice.

If you have a more fanatic, a jumping up and down regime, then go for Micky Mouse buns. Repeat the above twice, one on the left side and one on the right side of your head. Even during the most bouncy gym classes, your hair will stay in place!

4. Co-Wash
Have you worked-out so hard that you just need, a head to toe shower, to feel fresh again. Do wet your hair but do not use shampoo. It’s unwise using shampoo too often, your hair will dry out faster. Use only some conditioner to refresh the hair. Use the conditioner only on the tips and not at the roots. This way you prevent your hair from becoming heavy and falling flat.

5. Use the sweat
May not sound so fresh, but you can also let the sweating in the gym work for you. Divide some dry shampoo over the roots of your hair. Braid your hair before you exercise. Spray the braid(s) in with some Sea Salt Spray. Remove the braids after exercising. Et voila, guaranteed natural waves as if you are walking straight off the beach. Beach hair don’t care!

What did you think of these hair hacks? Looking for more tips & tricks? We post weekly updates on the latest hair trends and would love to share salon tips with you!

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