Nano Keratin Treatment


There are many keratin products available nowadays. Which is suitable to you all depends on your preferences and hair type. At D01 salon we started with Nano Keratin Systems. A relatively new keratin treatment that give you unlimited possibilities.

  1. You have over processed hair because you have been coloring of styling your hair to much? And want to make it look healthy again?
  2. You have curly, frizzy untamable hair and you like have healthy looking hair without losing your texture?
  3. You have curly, frizzy untamable hair and you like to have it smoother and softer?

Then this might be Tre right cure for you!

It doesn’t matter if your hair is colored or not! Nano Keratin is available in several strengths and comes with a broad range of variaties. So there is a treatment for everybody. No matter if you like to go smooth, straight and shiny or if you just want your hair to look healthy.

Keep in mind that a keratin treatment takes time. Depending on the service you can spend 1 hour op to 3-4 hours in the salon to get it done. Hoever it is going to save you a lot of time at home as your hair dries faster after the treatment.

The Nanokeratin System Smooting Treatment is a International renowned service. Frizzy, fragile, dull hair becomes smooth ,willing and shiny. Color treated hair maintains its color better and the treatment can last up to 12 weeks. long story short it is spectacular.

Nanokeratin System developed a unique biometic technology that allows to split keratin into Mirco particles. So smal that they can penetrate deeply into the hairshaft. Making your hair silky smooth.

If you like to know what this amazing treatment will cost you we would like to invite you to come by. The possibilities are endless and prices depending on the treatment and hair type.

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