It is no secret that Balayage is one of the favorite color techniques. Style icons, actresses, bloggers, vloggers and everyone who loves beautiful hair is spotted with it. Yet this is also a hairstyle that keeps on evolving. The Balayage trend is always reinventing itself. Et voila …. the reverse Balayage was born.

If you are not familiar yet with the phenomenon Balayage, hairstylist and owner of D01 Salon, Dennis Rombout, will explain it briefly. “Balayage means sweeping in French. Because you sweep a hair color or a highlighter in the hair with a brush or a sponge, you can make accents in the hair that are very subtle in color “. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Yet you have to be a true hair-artist to do it well. Do not just enter any salon for a good Balayage. Of course, you can always come to us for a beautiful Balayage.

Reverse Balayage
Usually, with a Balayage the color runs from light to dark. The hair is shimmering and colored in a lighter shade towards the ends in a subtle way. Now a new Balayage technique has been spotted and everyone loves it. The reverse Balayage is, as the name suggests, Balayage in reverse. Instead of going from a darker towards a lighter shade, the hair is colored from a lighter towards a darker shade.
View some nice examples of a Reverse Balayage below.

Are you wild about this look and do you want to be one of the first with this fresh from the press new hair trend? Then book an appointment with one of our hair stylists here.

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